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content-picThe International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialists (ISCRS) is a multidisciplinary professional society serving as the clinical arm of Rehab 2 Performance.  The Rehab 2 Performance network is comprised of the ISCRS, Allied-Health members, and R2P student clubs.  These 3 groups share common goals and principles, uniting them to provide cutting edge health and fitness services across the entire continuum of care.  Allied Health Members represent exceptional and dedicated fitness trainers and strength coaches who adhere to the Principles of the ISCRS.  The student R2P clubs aim to foster the next generation of dedicated specialists. Together these groups are bridging the gap between rehab and performance by applying contemporary approaches in pain management, restoring human function, and fitness. They are facilitating recovery, function, and performance by applying a common set of principles. This society reflects growing emphasis on functional, movement-based approaches offering an alternative from the traditional mindset, which focus solely on the site of pain or on imaging findings. To take advantage of the functional approach, check out the resources or join the society.
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patients-pictureA community of “changemakers” solving the burgeoning health care crisis associated with the widespread physical inactivity epidemic.


professionals-picTo create a network of clinicians, scientists and exercise professionals, as a means to encourage health, disability management, and injury prevention.

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BSMPG 2014

Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group Summer 2014 Where leaders learn. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY May 16-17, 2014: Annual Summer Seminar. Location: Boston MA. Agenda: Coming Soon **Note: Agenda is subject to change SUNDAY May 18, 2014: BSMPG Performance Director Meeting. This is … Continue reading

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Stanford Cook-McGill Review

Assessing Movement: A contrast in approaches & future directions – co-hosted by Stanford Sports Medicine and Rehab2Performance Two giants in the field, Gray Cook, PT and Stuart McGill, PhD, assembled to present their viewpoints on movement assessment, arranged and moderated … Continue reading

Assessing Movement: A contrast in approaches & future directions

The International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialists is proud to co-host Professor Stuart McGill and Gray Cook, PT along with Stanford Sports Medicine.  We look forward to the unique dialogue that Assessing Movement: A contrast in approaches & future directions … Continue reading

The Pelvic Floor – The Final Frontier

The pelvic floor is an area on the body that is so frequently skipped over by the sports medicine community. Yet, it is an important part of the anatomy that deserves more attention. Over the past 35 years I have … Continue reading

Beyond the Trees – Recognizing the Flexion Intolerant Back

The Flexion Intolerant Back-Pattern Recognition, Beyond the Trees – Phil Snell, DC As the old saying goes, it’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees. For low back pain (LBP), this old saw is particularly apt. All too … Continue reading