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What We Do

R2P is a membership organization with a member base of change-makers and leaders in the fields of rehabilitation, physical medicine, and performance. We are professionals and future professionals who want to bridge the gaps between rehab and performance by integrating principles that span different disciplines.


There’s nothing more valuable than continuing education, especially in the field of rehabilitation and performance. R2P hosts a yearly symposium, which is free to members, as well as local events/workshops.

Student Clubs

Student Clubs are found all across the nation in chiropractic and physical therapy schools.  To grow the next generation of rehabilitation specialists, greater exposure and opportunity is necessary.  These clubs typically meet on a weekly basis and present/workshop on various topics each term including: utilizing movement assessment, regional interdependence, modern pain science, and patient activation to regain functional capacity.

Online Community

R2P has both an international "hub" group and local chapter groups on Facebook for the spreading of information, creating connection, and supporting collaboration between professionals and students of various disciplines within the realm of rehabilitation and performance.

We are health care professionals in our field. Those who are in our community may work with different populations with different approaches, however we have a shared objective. Our collective objective is to improve health and performance through the collaboration of our community.
- Brenan Ghassemeih, MS, CSCS, XPS, Pn1

R2P Board of Directors

The R2P organization is able to run thanks to the volunteer efforts of it's Board of Directors. 

Dr. MaryAnne Harrington Dimak

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Dr. Jeffrey Beran

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Dr. Matt Ward

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Dr. Beau Beard

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